Date of Birth: Estimated 1918

Jackito, originally from Sierra Leone, was brought to Madam Rosalia Abreu's Havana estate when he was two or three. Pierre Abreu gave Jack and 9 other chimps to the YLPB on May 13, 1931 after the death of his mother.

Date of Death: September 19, 1944

Jack died of pneumonia. He was approximately 26 years old when he died.

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Though Yerkes described Jack as "of medium sexual vigor" he had many children. One of his sons, Hal, had the most offspring of all the Yerkes chimpanzees. Jack's children were: Adalita (with Blanca in Cuba); Mon, Ami and Mu (with Mona); Dan (with Nana); Beta and Delta (with Fifi); Gua (with Pati in Cuba) Ben and Japa (with Pati); Jed and Jenny (with Wendy); Bula (with Dita in Cuba); Rosy (with Dita); Hal and Jojo (with Josie); Kola (with Cuba); Lu (with May); Spratt (with Soda); Stib and Jent (with Bentia); Hej (with Helene).

Also Known: Mme. Abreu believed Jack was a dwarf. In 1924, he weighed only 28.5 lbs. In Cuba, Jackito shared an enclosure with Blanquita (Blanca), Fifille (Fifi), and Lu Lu. Yerkes wrote, "Of them all, Jackito is the natural center of attention because of his peculiarities. Although the smallest of the four, he manages to hold his own and have a fine time...He is a chubby little fellow with head too large for his body and various secondary sexual characteristics of the female...His male primary and secondary sex characters are poorly developed. Jackito, nevertheless, seems extremely healthy, is continuously active, and unmistakably cheerful."