Date of Birth: November 15, 1930 in Cuba

Pierre Abreu gave Gua along with her mother, Pati, and her father Jack, to the YLPB on May 13, 1931 after the death of his mother, Mme. Rosalia Abreu.

Date of Death: December 21, 1933

Gua died of pneumonia. She just turned 3.

Parents: Jack and Pati

Also Known: Gua was the first chimpanzee to be used in a cross-rearing study in the US. Brought into the Kellogg home at the age of 7 1/2 months, Gua was reared with their son Donald, who was 10 months old at time. For nine months the Kelloggs comprehensively recorded the development of the chimpanzee and the human child. After nine months, Gua was returned to the lab where she did experimental work with Ada Yerkes, Robert Yerkes wife, and the Kelloggs returned to Indiana.