Date of Birth: October 7, 1935

Date of Death: Estimated 1979

Given he was probably the oldest male chimpanzee born in captivity, it is surprising that details of Hal's death have been near impossible to locate. In a 1980 study of olfactory bulbs in primates it is reported that "Hal was sacrificed because of terminal illness" at 44 years of age.

Parents: Jack and Josie

Children: Hal did not father any children in the first 100 but over the course of his life he was responsible for 51 pregnancies, at least 30 children, and a large number of multiple births (twins and triplets). He had children with Soda, Alpha, Bula, Gamma, Helene, Coma, and Flora. Flora and Hal had twins Mickie and Joice in 1972 and had a son David in 1977.