Date of Birth: estimated 1922

Josie was purchased from George Gertz who was keeping Josie at the Michigan Zoo where she was "unpopular with caretakers." She came to Orange Park on October 10, 1930.

Date of Death: June 18, 1947

Josie died of arteriosclerosis when she was 25 years old.

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Dick (with Bill), Hal and Jojo (with Jack), Mars (with Frank).

Also Known: Josie was often observed engaged in complex social behavior. One incident with her long time friend Wendy is described by Yerkes, "Grape juice was offered to Josie by a caretaker. She received it in her extended, cupped lower lip, but instead of swallowing it turned to Wendy [in the adjoining cage], who was waiting near by, and poured the mouthful of juice into her extended lip. The performance was repeated until nearly a cupful had been transferred thus from caretaker to Wendy!"

In an experiment addressing male and female dominance and subordination, Yerkes suggested that Josie's "skill in achieving social control was seriously taxed by Pan. With him she exerted herself extraordinarily." At first Pan seemed to ignore Josie, which led her to more and more overt attempts of grooming him in order to gain his attention. After a few days, Yerkes described Josie's attempts as desperate and she ended up pulling handfuls of Pan's hair out in frantic grooming sessions. Yerkes said that Pan "did not resent this treatment, and it certainly served to command his attention, if not his affection. And Josie succeeded to a much greater degree than any other of Pan's mates in shaping his behavior to her desires."