Date of Birth: CAPTURED IN AFRICA (estimated birth in 1922)

Pan was originally from Cameroon. Yerkes purchased him and Wendy on September 15, 1925 from the third officer of a Bull Line friegher called the "Cathlamet" that was docked in Boston harbor. Pan was one of the first four chimps.

Date of Death: possibly August 26, 1952

Pan may have been sold to the US Navy in August of 1952 and sent to the Naval Aviation Medical Acceleration Laboratory in Johnsville, Pennsylvania, where he may have been killed in an accelerated gravity stress experiment. If so, Pan was one of the very first chimps used in the military space flight experiments. Pan would have been approximately 30 years old when he died.*

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Alpha (with Dwina), Tom and Helene (with Mona), Don (with Nana)
Pan was the father of the first chimp born at YLPB and the first set of twins born in captivity.

Also Known: Pan was a willful, dominant male who was quite affectionate and protective of his chimpanzee family.