Date of Birth: Estimated 1913

Monona was purchased by Madam Rosalia Abreu of Cuba when she was about three years old. She was orginally from Sierra Leone. Pierre Abreu gave Monona and 9 other chimps to the YLPB on May 13, 1931 after the death of his mother. Monona was renamed Mona.

Date of Death: September 24, 1942

Mona died from hemorrhagic enterocolitis. She was almost 30 years old.

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Cuba (with Jim in Cuba); Tom & Helene, the twins (with Pan); Mon, Ami and Mu (with Jack).

Also Known: Mme. Abreu considered Monona "more stupid even than Jimmy and also unaffectionate." She proved very wily, however, when it came to trying to separate her from her babies. In one instance, Yerkes was attempting to separate Mona from Mu and various standard techniques failed. Because of Mona's size and age Yerkes was reluctant to anesthetize her so attempted to frighten her with a gun shot while infant Mu was in the corridor netting behind her. Yerkes wrote, "It was expected, of course, that Monay, startled by the explosion and momentarily forgetful of her infant, would immediate rush from the room into the cage and that the attendant would close the door behind her. Instead, she instantly made for the netting, took Mu in her arms, and carried her away to safety." Yerkes then remembers that Mona has previous experience with gunfire and the wiles of infant snatchers."