Date of Birth: CAPTURED IN AFRICA (estimated birth in 1922)

Bill was originally from Duala, Cameroon. Yerkes purchased him and Dwina on May 26,1925 from a breeder named Benjamin Bogden. He was one of the first four chimps.

Date of Death: December 14, 1933

Bill died of pneumonia during an outbreak of a "virulent respiratory infection" that affected most of the Orange Park colony during December. The source of the infection was thought to be human carriers. Bill was approximately 11 years old when he died.

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Gamma (with Nana), Bob (with Wendy), Dick (with Josie)

Also Known: Yerkes described Bill as "notably good-natured, even tempered, buoyant, suggestible and cooperative, friendly and adaptable, dependable, cautious, and for a male, quite timid, conservative, observant, alert, gentle, and affectionate."

Bill was ironically named after William Jennings Bryan, an anti-evolution campaigner and one of the prosecutors in the Scopes monkey trial.