Date of Birth: estimated January 1930

Frank was purchased from a laboratory at John Hopkins on June 14, 1933.

Date of Death: November 22, 1946

On May 3, 1937 Frank was transferred from New Haven to Orange Park for a morphine addiction study. He died from dysentery. He was 16 years old.

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Ken, Snark, Scarf, and Frans (with Soda); Alf and Flora (with Alpha), Banka (with Bimba), Buff (with Bula).

Also Known: During the morphine addiction experiments, Frank pulled out all of his hair. Despite this behavior, he "voluntarily and quietly submitted" to subcutaneous hypodermic injections. Yerkes noted that, "it is our practical conclusion from experience with scores of cases of drug administration that time cannot be better invested than in accustoming subjects....For, like us...the chimpanzee is apprehensive, resistant, and defensive in a strange situation or when appearances or happenings are unusual. It obviously dreads or mistrusts the unknown."

Despite being subjected to such experimentation Frank is "distinguished for his gentleness, cooperativeness, and general docility". Yerkes commented that "the secret of these desired traits has not yet been discovered."