Date of Birth: May 5, 1937

Date of Death: 1958/1959

Coma, along with 5 others, was used in a series of radiation experiments supported by the Atomic Energy Commission. Coma was irradiated while she was pregnant on May 29, 1953. She was 16 at the time she was irradiated with “hard” x-rays. They wanted to determine the effects of radiation on the fetus. The infant was born (Malcom #C0141) - both presumed “normal.” Coma died after November 30, 1958 and possibly as early as January 1959.

Parents: Bokar and Soda

Also Known: Coma spent her early years at the Brookfield Zoo. Due to overcrowding, a number of chimps were sent to zoos until they reached sexual maturity at which point they were returned to the YLPB.