Date of Birth: CAPTURED IN AFRICA (estimated birth in 1925)

Bokar was one of 16 chimps that were presented as a gift to the Anthropoid Research Station by the "Pastoria" station of the Pasteur Institute in Kindia, French Guinea. Henry Nissen brought Bokar, 4 other males and 11 females back from Africa on June 17, 1930.

Date of Death: 1960

A.J. Riopelle, director of the YLPB during the time of Bokar's death reports, "A healthy male of 35 years died in 1960 when he was restrained on an animal board during some experiments in which blood was withdrawn and pyrogenic agents were injected. This animal, named Bokar, had a useful if not long life. He had sired 40 offspring and had participated in many researches. Shortly after his demise, one of the staff members commented regretfully about poor Bokar's fate. He was admonished by another colleague not to feel too bad; after all, Bokar had more publications than anyone else in the laboratories!"

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Bokar's children among the first 100 were: Bob, Tim, Eve, and Web (with Wendy); Cap and Bard (with Dita); Peter and Cub (with Cuba); Fin (with May); Coma (with Soda); Dina and Gar (with Pati); Jule and Art (with Fifi); Bona (with Nana); Vekar and Verb (with Vera).

Vera and Bokar were the parents of Viki who was reared in a human environment in the home of Keith and Cathy Hayes for 6 years.