Date of Birth: Estimated 1918

Fifille was purchased by Madam Rosalia Abreu of Cuba when she was not more than three years old. She was orginally from Sierra Leone. Pierre Abreu gave Fifille and 9 other chimps to the YLPB on May 13, 1931 after the death of his mother. Fifille was renamed Fifi.

Date of Death: August 2, 1950

Fifi developed a severe abscess of the right axilla, probably cancer and "due to ill health her life was terminated". She was approximately 32 years old.

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Chichibu (on May 12, 1928 in Cuba) Beta and Delta (with Jack); Jule and Art (with Bokar).

Also Known: Yerkes described Fifi as "relatively delicate, affectionate, docile, highly excitable, jealous, cooperative, physical condition and behaviour unusually variable."