Date of Birth: Estimated 1920

Pierre Abreu gave Dita and 9 other chimps to the YLPB on May 13, 1931 after the death of his mother.

Date of Death: April 18, 1947

Dita had dysentery. She was approximately 27 when she died.

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Bula (with Jack born in Cuba), Rosy (with Jack), Cap and Bard (with Bokar)

Also Known: Apparently Dita was an examplar of Yerkes' conception of the female chimpanzee: "chameleon-like, a creature of multiple personality...[who]cajoles, requests, begs, and as necessary uses, to achieve her aims, various forms of sexual allure, physical play, and petting. The behavioral pictures of masculinity and femininity are sharply contrasted, for manifestly the values of the sexual relation differ fundamentally. For the male that relation is marked by impulsiveness, directness, immediacy, and appears as end in itself; for the female, by indirectness, delay, and prolongation of interest which indicate that it is a means to varied advantages and so habitually is used. In the picture of behavior which is characteristic of femininity in the chimpanzee, the biological basis of prostitution of sexual function stands revealed."