Date of Birth: November 10, 1937

Date of Death: September 26, 1942

Fin died from dysentery or a virus. He was almost 5 years old. It is not uncommon for chimps, particularly youngsters, who are reared in home environments to get sick and die once returned to a laboratory setting.

Parents: Bokar and May

Also Known: Fin was raised in Dr. Glen Finch home to be cross reared “under conditions which should be especially favorable to the manifestation of such linguistic capacities as the animal possesses. This investigation is comparable in may ways with one conducted early in the history of the station by Dr. Winthrop N. Kellogg, in which he observed for several months, under natural and experimental conditions, a chimpanzee infant loaned to him by these laboratories [Gua] for the purpose and kept in his home in close association with his infant son.” In 1939, Fin developed pneumonia but was successfully treated and recovered. In 1940 the study was discontinued. There is no further explanation of why the study ended and there is no published report of the conclusions of the study.