Date of Birth: April 7, 1942

Date of Death: Unknown

Jent was used primarily as a breeder. He made the move to Atlanta in 1965. In 1967-9, he was being used in F. Fitz-Gerald's alcohol and drug studies.

Parents: Jack and Bentia

Children: Jent fathered many children, including at least two pairs of twins. With Flora, he had twins Mary and Martha who were used in infant deprivation studies by Dr. R.K. Davenport. Mary is the the mother of Darrell.

Also Known: In his 1971 book The Ape People, Geoffrey Bourne, director of Yerkes Primate Center, describes a number of "interesting animals" in the runs (10 foot by 8 foot outside areas that are connected, by a guillotine door, to the inside corridor cages which are about 8 foot by 8 foot). One is Jent, who Bourne describes as a "large strong male whose special activity is throwing feces at visitors."