Date of Birth: Estimated 1919

Blanquita was purchased by Madam Rosalia Abreu of Cuba when she was about two years old. She was orginally from the Congo. Pierre Abreu gave Blanquita to the YLPB on July 6, 1932. Blanquita was one of his mother's favorites, which may explain why Blanca did not come with the original Abreu group in 1931.

Date of Death: March 9, 1933

Blanca was sent to the Physiology lab at Yale. She had developed a serious condition, described as a chronic vitamin deficiency, which “justified sacrificing her” with the authorization of Mr. Abreu “for terminal experimental and diagnostic studies”. Blanca was approximately 14 years old when she was killed.

Parents: UNKNOWN

Children: Lita (with Jack in Cuba)

Also Known: Yerkes describes Blanquita as having a "peculiarly sad expression...One might infer that she was perpetually melancholy or disgruntled." She regularly took advantage of her position as one of Mme. Abreu's favorites, claiming her attention whenever she was near.