Date of Birth: CAPTURED IN AFRICA (estimated birth in 1927)

Moos was one of 16 chimps that were presented as a gift to the Anthropoid Research Station by the "Pastoria" station of the Pasteur Insitute in Kindia, French Guinea. Henry Nissen brought Moos, 4 other males and 11 females back from Africa on June 17, 1930.

Date of Death: July 10, 1937

Moos died of dysentery shortly after he was transferred from the New Haven laboratories to Orange Park on June 23, 1937. Moos was approximately 10 years old when he died.

Parents: UNKNOWN

Also Known: Moos served for "seven years as an experimental subject in New Haven with the deserved reputation of being highly intelligent and cooperative." Yerkes describes an incident that supports this assessment: "Moos had been ill, and we noticed that he was still refusing hard foods. Suspecting that this might be due to some unusual condition of the teeth or gums, a member of the staff entered the animal's cage and indicated that he wanted to make a dental inspection. Moos readily repsonded, but the observer failed to detect anything wrong. Satisfied with his examination he turned to leave the room, but Moos took hold of his coat, drew him back, and raising his upper lip with one hand pointed with a finger ot the other hand to a spot on his upper jaw. There proved to be a slight swelling and subsequent examination revealed that a permanent canine was in the process of eruption and in all probability causing some discomfort, espcially in connection with chewing. Our examiner naturally felt somwhat chagrined at having to be assisted in diagnosis by the animal himself."