Date of Birth: CAPTURED IN AFRICA (estimated birth in 1926)
Kani was one of 16 chimps that were presented as a gift to the Anthropoid Research Station by the "Pastoria" station of the Pasteur Insitute in Kindia, French Guinea. Henry Nissen brought Kani, 5 males and 10 other females back from Africa on June 17, 1930.

Date of Death: October 28, 1933
Kani was transferred to John F. Fulton's physiology laboratory at Yale on July 31, 1933. Fulton was interested in surgically altering the brain and observing behavioral changes. His frontal lobe ablation studies are often cited as precursors to the use of lobotomies in humans to alter behavior. According to the 4th annual report in 1933, “As subjects outgrow their usefulness for psychobiological experiments in this laboratory, unless needed as breeders, they ordinarily are made available for neurophysiological inquiry. The subject Kani is a case in point, for after being used by Dr. Spence in determination of visual limens, she was operated for observation of neurological relations of various aspects of visual response.” She was then "sacrificed." Kani was approximately 7 years old when she died.

Parents: UNKNOWN